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If making ice takes more time than it should , if cooling cycles high pressure is too low and if device stops because of low pressure than it means there is less gas than it should be. Less gas means a leak , a broken pipeline or a loosen screw.


First & Basic technique ListenLookFeel;

To detect a leak you need to concentrate your senses first.

First of all you should listen , try to hear a tiny whistle around piping lines compressor connections , expansion valve , condenser fans etc.

Secondly look for any damaged pipe or item. There could be a bended result of a bumpy transportation ride or sometimes another machine can hit the ice machine which causes damage at weldings and result as leak.

Thirdly if you hear a whistle or saw damage or both, to become sure about leakage, touch the suspected point if you feel a tickle or a stream at the tip of your finger than congratulation because you have found a leak.

After marking the leak of the ice machine, to be sure that if there is another leak or not check the rest of the system.

Second Common Technique Foaming;

The second common technique for detecting a leak in an ice machine you will need a soap dish detergent or a foamy product. In the picture, an ordinary soda bottle is Filled with detergent and water. Made a small hole on its cap and shake it.

Secondly, check the places where you suspected.

  • Welding points

  • Expansion valves

  • Filter in and exit

  • Compressor suction line

  • Compressor hp line

  • Oil pipes

  • Pressure gauges.

After all, you can be witnessed such images;

After All, What you should do is welding. If you are not an expert about welding please do never try it.


Actually its a bit obvious that you need to weld it. But if there is too much gas leaked, if it's on a copper and there is not much gas left in the pipe ice machine, you should weld, vacuum, and add gas. For vacuuming check how to add gas to the ice machine title.


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