The trade network, which has declined in the world due to Covid-19, has started to gain importance again with online fairs. Online exhibition, made began to see new organizations with interest in Turkey.

Virtual fairs, which did not attract any attention in approximately 5-10 years, now continue to be indispensable for consumers and manufacturers due to the epidemic. It offers a quality B2B platform experience for reduced costs, rapid response, and time again.

Rosen Ice Machines has been participating in this experience rapidly for the last 1 year as exhibitors and guests in all online fairs related to the concrete cooling industry. The fact that international recognition has changed shape and the understanding of trade after the epidemic has kept pace with this has proven that our company ROSEN has always needed to take innovative steps.

So what is Virtual Fair?

These are the platforms that enable the physical fairs to introduce the structure and products of the companies digitally over the online line with virtual designs. Although there are many advantages as well as the minuses, the most important issue was that the participants in the fairs could not find financial support, and the support packages were deserved through quite difficult and long processes. Companies can now participate both as visitors and as stand owners by using their budgets more efficiently.

Rosen Ice Machines want to increase successful sales and commercial relations by taking care to take part in these innovative platforms with the scattered view of the sector and the emergence of fairs that cannot be organized properly as a result.




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